Phrozen Protowhite Rigid Resin - BASF

AED 380.00

Empowered by the most prestigious chemical company BASF, Phrozen Protowhite Rigid Resin (the “Protowhite”) enables designers to conduct in-house prototypes efficiently before moving onto the manufacturing stage.

Shipping Weight : 0.800 Kg
  • Empowered by BASF Forward AM

  • High-Strength & Impact Resistant

  • Visualize Your Ideas Easily

  • Increase Your Efficiency With Prototyping

Rigid Resin Empowered by BASF Forward AM

Phrozen Protowhite Rigid Resin empowers industrial designers to solve design challenges and increase efficiency during the design validation phase by creating rigid and impact resistant 3D models.

Visualize Your Design Ideas With Ease

Turn conceptual ideas into complex 3D models to showcase small batches of high-quality prototypes for more efficient communication.

Best for Prototype Developments

Experiment and compare various 3D printed prototypes such as mechanical parts, jigs, fixtures, and glasses to refine design usability.

Save Time With Rapid Prototypes

Demonstrate 3D models and gather feedback from peers to identify improvements and  reduce risks of design defects before going into full-scale production.

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